Luis Herrera
Creative Director
Luis has been part of the CKA team since January 2005.  His work is often the first design many clients see, as he does the project renderings for the firm.   Luis is also responsible for the creation of the company’s marketing graphics, design visualization and overall brand marketing.  Working on the Wasatch Renal Center with his teammates was a highlight for him as he enjoys collaborating while being challenged by aggressive project timelines.
Luis attended the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, as well as ITT Technical Institute.
Luis would describe himself as being about as handy as a gallon of milk.  Not taking on too many home repair projects frees up his time to spend with his kids.  Knowing they will soon be on their own, they are now his hobby, his sports and most importantly his family.
"Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will get you everywhere else."

~Albert Einstein