Dear Mr. Irgens,


I hope this finds you well.  I would like to introduce our firm to you.  This portfolio contains select photographs of some or our work.


Christopher Kidd & Associates, Architects and Engineers, has been in practice for 20+ years, providing architectural and engineering services throughout the United States.  Our headquarters is located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin; with offices in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and Fort Collins, Colorado.  We are licensed in 47 states and Washington, DC.  Our practice to date has designed over 1300 dialysis clinic projects and related medical projects. 


Our dedicated staff of architects and engineers work closely with you and your staff to develop and ensure clinic designs that are functional, esthetically pleasing, cost efficient, and conducive to patient care. 


As a firm we pride ourselves in honesty, integrity, quality work, personal relationships, and mutual respect.  I would be most grateful if you would consider us for your projects in the future.


I thank you very much for taking the time to review this material.




Christopher D. Kidd, AIA, ALA, RIBA



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