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At CKA, we strive to support students and emerging young professionals as well as to participate in community outreach and educational programs to promote architectural and engineering careers for young people in our community.


CKA participates in job fairs, interview days, internship/externship opportunities, scholarships, and student outreach programs at our local architectural and engineering post-secondary schools to meet, encourage, and potentially employ the best local talent.  Many of our current, long-term employees started out with a summer internship or an interview at a job fair. 

Christopher Kidd Internship

CKA also participates in programming for local high school students including professional mentorship/shadow programs, career days, STEM/STEAM presentations, as well as summer internships and co-operatives, and worksite-based learning opportunities during the school year.  High school students interested in architectural and engineering-related careers can get a glimpse of the profession and gain perspective to help them choose the right college, university, or technical school program.

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Christopher Kidd and Associates

At CKA, we believe it is important to give recent graduates and student intern staff a chance to learn and grow to their full potential with moderate, but engaged, guidance.  Once employed, we feel it is important to allow young emerging professionals to explore a broad range of experiences in the workplace. This allows for expedited completion of required training hours and a broad base of knowledge applicable to the various licensing examinations required for architects and engineers.  This also ensures the well-rounded growth of the individual and the opportunity to explore facets of the profession that might interest them most.


Our young people are our future and CKA cares!


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