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Mississippi Baptist Medical Center


  • Entitlement and Site Analysis

  • Site Planning and Zoning Analysis

  • Programming and Master Planning

  • Space Planning

  • Project Budgeting

  • HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering

  • Commissioning

  • Facility Assessments

  • Complete Architectural Services from schematic design through construction observation.


Our design process is based on:


  • Designing projects that are functional and award-winning.

  • Designing projects that contribute to a timely and on-budget conclusion.

  • Treating all members of the team as partners striving towards a common goal.

  • Supporting our clients with cutting-edge designs, research, presentations, documents, and graphics.

  • Designing projects that honor the program requirements of the Owner.

Christopher Kidd and Associates offer the following services to our clients: 


Christopher Kidd and Associates are committed to the profession and to our valued clients in delivering the highest possible service at a fair and competitive fee. 


Mississippi Baptist Medical Center
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